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Meet The Team


Meet The Team

Name: Paul Debogorski
Handle: Papa Nurgle
Position: President & Founder
Years Experience: 18 and counting
Certifications: A+, Network+, Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (EC-Council #ECC060035)

To say Paul grew up around technology is a huge understatement. He couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to grow up: in the 80’s. With the advent of game systems like Nintendo, Atari, Sega, video arcades, and the advent of computers like the Apple II and the IBM clones, they quickly peaked his interest, even if his parents were a little weary of it. His grandfather, however, encouraged him to follow his passions & dreams, and to move to the beat of his own drum. He developed a keen interest in how computer and technology worked in through school, sometimes just sitting for hours picking things apart, seeing what was possible in the world of computers. Also around this time, he delved into the world of science fiction, watching shows like Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica, Babylon 5, reading books like Neuromancer, the Dune series, Lord of the Rings, and getting into tabletop games such as Warhammer, D&D, Shadowrun, Mordheim, and others.

It was no surprise that in college, he chose his major to be Computer Science, as well as Economics. He even built his first custom built computer at 19, and also began working for the University’s Computer Help Desk, eventually rising to the position of supervisor and technical backup (read: the person the other help desk folks go to when they got stuck on a particularly troublesome issue). He also built a couple more, ever better and faster computers for himself, and by the time he graduated college in 2003 with his Bachelor’s Degree, he was ready for a bigger pond.

A few months after graduating, he was hired by the Federal Government as an IT Specialist. Working for Uncle Sam, this allowed his skills to expand to include networking with Cisco routers & switches, Linux & Windows Server management, and most importantly, cybersecurity. The servers he helped maintain (and the sensitive data on them), required extensive security measures to be put in place, and despite a bit of a learning curve going to such a huge pond, he learned quickly how to help maintain proper security, and to help investigate issues if breaches occurred, if employees weren’t doing what they were supposed to, and the list goes on. He was also put in charge of securing mobile devices for use on the outside, including making sure the devices were encrypted and setting up VPN systems to prevent prying eyes from being able to gain access to things they shouldn’t see.

As time went on, he got his Master’s Degree in Information Systems, received certifications in A+, Network+ and Security+, as well as CCNA training, Paul rose to the level of a Tier III IT Analyst, essentially coming full circle, in that like during his college help desk days, he was one of the IT folks that would get called if a major issue occurred, such as an entire Federal facility’s computer system going down, major LAN & WAN outages caused by natural disasters, as well as being a part of the go-to team whenever local IT staff got stuck on a problem they couldn’t fix.

In 2016, Paul realized that while there was an abundance of computer companies out there, there were precious few that specialized in cybersecurity and forensic investigations. Sure, a lot of computer guys were happy to give basic info on how to secure a person’s Wifi, maybe even set up a server or two with an antivirus program, but many of these folks, no disrespect intended, barely knew anything about how to secure these against cyberattacks, how to properly set up user accounts so that they only had access to what they were supposed to, defending against social networking, data theft, recovering deleted data, removing viruses, investigating white-collar crimes, and the list goes on. So he decided to get certified in Computer Hacking Forensic Investigations and Certified Ethical Hacking, start up a business and get the word out.