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Frequently Asked Questions

South Florida Cybersecurity Investigations is a company devoted to computer security. Our staff comprises IT professionals that are Certified Ethical Hackers and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators looking into incidents of hacking on behalf of companies and individuals who suspect they are victims of hacking. Using the same tricks, tactics, software, and programming as real black-hat hackers, we perform Penetration Tests for companies, in order to help better secure their systems against hackers. We also work closely with local, state, and Federal authorities, using court-approved industry standard hardware and software such as EnCase and FTK, ensuring any evidence we discover will hold up in a court of law, and providing expert witnesses in the field of IT security and hacking.

It generally is, yes. Hacking a system without the permission of a company or individual is punishable by State and Federal laws. However, our hacking and Penetration Testing teams are known as “White Hat” hackers, meaning the work we do is only with the explicit permission of the system owner for the purposes of assessing vulnerabilities, patching holes, performing social engineering to probe for weaknesses, so our clients can remediate them and make themselves and their companies more secure. We sign nondisclosure agreements with these companies so that, unless they specifically tell us in writing, we will never divulge anything we may find in their systems unless ordered to by a court of law. We also have a zero tolerance policy towards Black Hat hacking. If one of our employees is discovered to have illegally hacked into systems while under our employ, they will face immediate termination, on top of any possible legal ramifications. Also, we will not accept clients who wish to hack competitor’s systems, nor will we hack into individual’s systems out of revenge or to “get them back”. If you want to do that, you’re more than welcome to take that elsewhere, but if you come to us with it, don’t be surprised if authorities come knocking on your door.

This is a tough one. No one can prevent all hacking before it occurs. Reason being, it would require human beings to possess the ability to correctly predict the future, and last time we checked, there isn’t a gene for that. And sometimes, a vulnerability or exploit is so new, there simply isn’t a way to defend against it yet. There are ways to mitigate it, to minimize the impact, and make every effort to ensure it’s not repeated. Honestly, the only real way to never get your system hacked is to have the system completely tuned off, unplugged from the power, unplugged from the Internet, and placed in a Faraday cage to prevent wireless signals from reaching it. The interconnected world we live in being what it is in the 21st century, that really isn’t possible, and any & all devices with any sort of connection to the Internet, no matter how secure they are, have some form of vulnerability to hacking. All it takes is time, skill and effort.

The simple answer is, because that’s how much we feel our time is worth to us. The long answer is, penetration testing, digital forensics, providing expert testimony, and all other things cybersecurity related are far more intensive, difficult, and time-consuming than most people realize. It’s not like on television shows & movies like The Matrix, CSI, and NCIS, where hackers break into systems within a couple seconds with a couple keystrokes and mouse clicks, or intrusions are immediately detected, etc., these things can take hours, days, or even weeks of hard work at all hours, including weekends, nights, and holidays. Contrary to popular belief, the human body can only tolerate a diet of insomnia, Hot Pockets, and caffeine for so long. But I digress. We feel our prices are very reasonable, especially given the services we provide, and is a drop in the ocean compared to the damage a single hacker can inflict on your bottom line, your reputation, your bank account, and the business you’ve put all your years of blood, sweat and sacrifices into.

Unfortunately not. There’s so many small computer companies out there that do tech support, we don’t want to take away any business from them. Also, if we do tech support for a business, it would become a conflict of interest if the same company then asks us to perform a Penetration Test.