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About us

Your Cybersecurity Is Our Highest Priority

South Florida Cybersecurity is a premiere cybersecurity and digital forensics company which investigates instances of white collar crimes, which includes incidents of hacking, ID theft, virus/malware infections, employee computer misconduct, as well as performing penetration tests, recovering files (if possible), securing clients’ WiFi networks, updating and patching computers & servers, and various other cybersecurity services. We use cutting edge software as well as the same tricks, software and harware as so-called “black hat” hackers to help discover weaknesses and vulnerabilities so that they can be patched immediately, making your network more secure, as well as the latest court-approved forensics software to conduct our investigations for you, providing expert-witness testimony in a court of law. 

In addition to belong Certified Ethical Hackers and Computer Hacking Forensics Investigators, our staff have years of experience and the latest computer certifications such as A+, CCNA, MSCE, to stay on top of the latest 21st century technology. We have experience with Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Android OS’s, and have the ability to secure conduct investigations on computers, servers, networks (including devices such as switches, routers, cable/DSL modems), tablets/PDA’s, Android and iOS-based smartphones, Blackberries, and other major devices.

Here Are Some Cyber Crime Statistics

Over 62% The percentage of CIO’s polled who expect a successful attack on their organization
$7 Million The average cost of a single data breach to a company in 2016
Over 50% The number of small and medium businesses (those with 10-1000 employees) that reported at least 1 cyberattack at some point in 2015
200 Billion The number of devices that will need securing by 2020
29 Million The number of private health care records exposed in 2014
73% Percentage of cyberattacks committed against companies by current or recently terminated employees
$6 Trillion Projected annual damage due to cybercrimes by 2021
$859,582 The cost to the average small business involving theft of assets or intellectual property
59% Percentage of employees who were fired or let go that admit to misusing company data in post employment interviews.
3.1 Million The number of Identity Theft & Fraud Complaints filed to the Federal Trade Commission in 2015
$955,429 Average cost to those same businesses to restore normal business in the wake of an attack
2% The number of small and medium businesses that actively secure their systems and data against cybercrimes.


The security of your data and systems is of paramount importance

Virus Removal Wellington


We provide state of the art cybersecurity services to help make your systems, servers and network more secure.

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WiFi Security Palm Beach


Certified Ethical Hackers can perform thorough penetration tests of your network and systems using the same tools and tactics hackers use so your company can proactively secure itself against suck attacks in the future

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Cyber Security Palm Beach

Computer Investigations

If you suspect you’re the victim of cybercrime, contact us, and we will conduct a thorough investigation, determining the who, what, when, where and how of the event, including providing expert witness testimony in any resulting legal proceedings.

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If you need help with computer security, suspect you’ve been the victim of hacking, suspect an employee of computer misconduct, or need a penetration test performed, contact us right away.